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Continuous prolonged sun exposure damages our skin cells, causing them to produce more melatonin – a natural pigment, produced by our skin as a defense mechanism. This leads to sunspots, dark acne scarring, and melasma. Chemical peels can be a great tool for dealing with unwanted hyperpigmentation as they dissolve the damaged cells and accelerate your skin’s recovery process. This treatment is also effective at visibly reducing the early signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles.


What is Rejuvenize Peel™?

RejuvenizePeel is SkinMedica’s® chemical peeling treatment, designed for people with moderate to severe skin imperfections. This peel relies on Salicylic, Mandelic, Malic, and Phytic acids for their potent exfoliating and clarifying properties. The mix of purifying acids is paired with retinol, which is one of the most effective ingredients for diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as scarring caused by acne. Together, those powerful components work to even out your skin tone, clear your pores, and leave you with smooth glowing skin. 

RejuvenizePeel is suitable for all skin types and skin tones. However, we recommend first getting a Vitalize Peelto clients with deeply pigmented skin in order to build up a tolerance to the acidic complex.

RejuvenizePeelshould be performed every 4-6 weeks to maintain optimal results. You will be able to see visibly healthier and smoother skin after just one treatment, but we recommend getting at least 4 peels to get all the benefits of the RejuvenizePeel.


What does the procedure look like?

The procedure normally lasts around 45 minutes, including the consultation. Everyone’s reaction to the treatment is different. You can expect to feel some burning and tingling sensations, which are normal and happen due to the concentration of active acids.

RejuvenizePeelcan leave a slight yellow tint on your skin immediately after the procedure. The color normally subsides in 2-3 hours after the treatment. 



Chemical peels can make your skin very vulnerable to sunlight, so we recommend wearing daily full spectrum SPF. Your post-treatment skin care routine should include gentle cleansers and creams. Try to stay away from using retinoids or acidic cosmetic products for a couple of weeks after the peel to reduce the risk of irritation.


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