What is Restylane Refyne?

Restylane Refyne® is an injectable dermal filler, which can help smooth and refine any wrinkles around your mouth while keeping you looking like you. It is a great solution for those looking to minimize the appearance of smile lines and make their face look more youthful and refreshed.

Restylane Refyne® relies on hyaluronic acid – a naturally occurring sugar in our body that is responsible for the volume and elasticity of our skin. Aging causes our skin to lose its volume and restorative powers but that can temporarily be fixed with Restylane Refyne®injections. It is also formulated with lidocaine – a widely-used local anesthetic that numbs the skin and reduces painful sensations during the procedure. Its XpresHAn Technology™ helps smooth any unwanted lines while keeping the natural look and mobility of the face. 


What can you expect from the procedure?

Restylane Refyne®is injected under the skin using a thin needle to fill wrinkles and smile lines, resulting in a more smooth and youthful appearance. Lidocaine, mixed into the formula, slightly numbs the skin, causing the injections to be less painful. The unique cross-linking of the gel in Restylane Refyne® is also designed to help support your natural expression—for real-life results that help maintain natural movement when you're smiling, frowning, and even puckering up.

The procedure normally lasts 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the size of the area. Results have been reported to last for up to 12 months.


Who can benefit from Restylane Refyne®?

This treatment is perfect for clients over 21 who are looking to visually reduce the depth of folds and lines around their mouth without losing mobility of facial expressions.



• Try to avoid touching the area for at least 6 hours after the procedure

• You can apply an ice compress to the area to reduce swelling

• Avoid intense physical exercise for at least 48 hours

• Stay away from excessive heat, such as saunas or hot baths for at least 2 weeks after the injections

• It is not recommended to take blood-thinning medication for at least 24 hours after the procedure


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