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The delicate skin around our lips is one of the areas that start showing early signs of aging. As we get older, our lips can naturally lose their volume, which leads to the formation of small vertical lines above the lip and less definition of the lip line. These problems are easy to solve with the help of dermal fillers.


What is Restylane Silk®?

Restylane Silk® is a transparent flexible gel filler, designed specifically for the lips. It uses a modified form of hyaluronic acid to ensure longevity. Its small smooth particles allow you to achieve the desired volume without losing the natural soft look of the lips or limiting the range of your facial expressions. The results can last up to 6 months.

• 98% of patients reported a visible improvement in lip fullness 14 days after injection.

• 76% of patients still had lip improvement six months following injection.


What can you expect from the procedure?

The filler is injected with an ultra-fine needle; however, you should expect minimal discomfort, which is achieved by the addition of a local aesthetic 0.3% lidocaine into the formula. You can feel slight tingling and pressure around the injection site and can expect some swelling and minor bruising for 1-2 weeks after the injections.


Who is this treatment for?

Restylane Silk® is FDA approved for anyone over 21 who wants to add some natural volume to the lips or reduce the appearance of vertical lines above the lips. 



• Avoid touching the area for at least 6 hours after the procedure

• You can apply a cold compress to the area to reduce swelling

• Avoid intense physical exercise for at least 48 hours

• Stay away from excessive heat, such as saunas or hot baths for at least 2 weeks after the injections

• It is not recommended to take blood-thinning medication for at least 24 hours after the procedure


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